Communication and Information Technology for Improvement
Safety and Efficiency of Traffic Flows: EU-RU-UA Master and
PhD Programs in Intelligent Transport Systems

   The main aim of the project consists of increasing the safety and efficiency of transport flows (air, sea, automobile and railway) reducing influence on environment thanks to Europe-Russia-Ukraine cooperation for the purpose of training of specialists in the sphere of the intellectual transport systems based on integrations of the modern telecommunications and information technologies, applied on transport and control of vehicles movement. Implementation of the Project will allow training the certified specialists who can use communication technologies for safety and efficiency of transport flows on high level.

  • Increasing the safety and efficiency of transport flows on the basis of implementation of modern information communication technologies in control and monitoring of transport systems;
  • Creation of joint EU-RU-UA Master and Phd Programs in «Intelligent Transport Systems»;
  • Training of students at the Ukrainian and Russian universities according to the standards of EU and Bologna Process requirements.
Project tasks:
  • Study of experience of training ITS at level of the Master and PhD Programs;
  • Development of Master and PhD Programs ITS;
  • Professional development of the Russian and Ukrainian teachers;
  • Up-dating of laboratory basis of universities of the partner countries;
  • Implementation of the European system of support of quality;
  • Pilot training of students;
Project duration is 3 years: 15.10.2011 – 14.10.2014

Expected results:
  • Master and PhD Programs ITS are implemented at partner universities.
  • Qualification of teachers is increased at EU universities.
  • Educational and methodical materials according to Master and PhD Programs are published.
  • ITS laboratories at universities of the partner countries are open.
  • The system of support of quality of training taking into account experience of EU universities is implemented.
  • Experts in the ITS new Master program are trained.
  • Project deliverables between other profile universities of Russia and Ukraine are widespread.