Master: “Interoperability / Safety / Certification”
in Ukraine and Central Asia international railway transport

    The present day in Ukraine more and more attention is given to joint work of transport systems of the different countries. Firstly, it is connected with expansion of borders of EU, and secondly, with increasing of quantity of the international transport corridors and their influence on development of native economy. The railway transportation possesses the leading part in the international transportations which are conducted by transport system of Ukraine. About 400 thousands of persons are busy in its basic activity, whose qualification of reliability of functioning depends on of all transport complex. Approximately two thirds of general freight and passenger transportations in Ukraine is made by means of railway. Taking into account the enormous value of this industry in the development of native economy, Ukraine inculcates a transport policy, directed on creation of favourable conditions for transnational transportations on the whole territory. Success in realization of policy of development and integration of railway transport with the European system, above all things, depends on quality of preparation of specialists of railways with higher education and students of higher educational establishments of Master's degrees on interoperability, providing of safety and certification, creation of the continuous professional education and certification in personnel teaching.
   Project MISCTIF creates necessary conditions for strengthening country’s position at the international market of a railway transport, development of international cooperation between railway campaigns, and also instrumental in establishment of relations between universities and enterprises of industry.
Project’s Mission:
    to promote creation of mechanisms of cooperation between the European Union and the next states in the sphere of higher education and in railway branch.
  • Working out of the program of training;
  • Training for teachers (from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan);
  • Teaching of students (elementary and further training);
  • Organization of final seminar (Kiev);
  • Continuation of teaching after the ending of the program Tempus (without the subsidies of European Union).
Longevity of project:
  • Preparation of the 2-nd graduation and teachers, than the 3-d… (it is planned to teach 1.400 persons for 10 years);
  • Developing of “business plan” for providing financing after 2011:
      - Without the subsidies of European Union;
      - Plugging in the cost of teaching of charges on adjustment of on-line tutorials and maintenance high level of teaching (prestige of diploma);
      - Encouragement of introduction of the program in the other Institutes of higher education of the country;