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Research and Development Establishment
Track and Constructions
(R&D Establishment)


Research and Development Establishment of Rolling Stock, Track and Constructions was created for carrying out of different tests (of rolling stock, infrastructure and it`s elements), writing of specifications, norms and procedures (for carrying out tests on base of Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after academician V. Lazaryan).




Work area of R&D Establishment are:

  • Writing and examination of specifications, norms and procedures for carrying out of all kinds of tests (including certification of railway vehicles and equipment);
  • Testing of rolling stock, tracks and constructions provided by highly-skilled professionals with using of modern and professional equipment;
  • Development of training and testing Software (Complexes) which is necessary for training, advance training, testing and examination of railway staff;
  • Research, control, comparative, acceptance, attestation, certification and other types of Tests of rolling stock, it`s service parts and equipment, track`s elements, engineering material and other.

Main activity is carrying out of tests of railway vehicles, materials, service parts and equipment for certification in UkrSEPRO system. Testing facilities also provides an opportunity to tests equipment, products and materials for other industrial sectors.

Following types of tests can be carried out by R&D Establishment:

  • running;
  • dynamic;
  • impact;
  • traction;
  • thermo-technical;
  • electrical;
  • operational;
  • braking;
  • pull and energy efficiency;
  • strength and endurance;
  • bench;
  • certification;
  • influence of rolling stock on track;
  • definition of mechanical and chemical parameters of materials for passenger, cargo and specialized cars, track machines, locomotives and elements of superstructure.

R&D Establishment can also carried out tests of building and composition materials, concrete products that used in track`s building.